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On November 30, 2016 we announced our closing. We are so sorry, but all remaining classes are now full. All but a few instructors have moved on to other jobs. Our remaining staff have all rallied to schedule themselves to the maximum capacity with the goal of serving our students to the best of our ability. At this point, we are unable to schedule any more classes or private lessons because we simply do not have the space and personnel. We know and regret that some of you will be very disappointed. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kindness, support and understanding as we tend to the difficult task of closing down our beloved Stitch Lab and seek new employment.

Leslie Bonnell, Owner



PJ Pants
Zipper Lab
Handbags & Totes
Oilcloth Zippered Bag Sets
Embroidery I
Knit 101: The Basics
Crochet 101: The Basics
Crochet 301: Granny Squares
American Girl Doll Fashion Studio
Kids Hand Sewing Class


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