Owner, Leslie Bonnell is a former costume designer who decided to start offering sewing classes in her Bouldin Creek home studio in 2001. Sharing years of experience, tips, tricks along with a special brand of patience, style and humor, Leslie built a loyal following in her tiny studio. As word spread like wildfire about her great classes, Leslie decided to hire on additional top notch instructors to help accommodate the demand. In November of 2009, the Stitch Lab found a new home at 1000 S. 1st St. in a charming 1920's bungalow where more classes along with a fantastic selection of beautiful fabrics are offered.

"My friend took me to a beginning sewing class at the Stitch Lab. I am just now trying to start learning how to use a sewing machine and I'm having to get over my irrational fear that the machine will go wild, rampage out of control, and SEW MY FINGERS!!!  So you can see what kind of 'fraidy cat/newbie' I am.

Our instructor was Leslie and she was great!!! She had a super clear, calm way of explaining everything and a great deal of patience. There were only four people in our class so we all got special attention when we had issues. By the end of the class I surprised myself by completing a cute little bag. I was so excited because I really didn't think I could do it (I don't know WHERE I got this sew-phobia but it was serious!).

Now that I cleared the first hurdle, I'm all excited to go back and pick out some material from Stitch Lab's awesome collection and make MORE STUFF! Thank you Stitch Lab!  Thank you Leslie!" -- Morgan


1000 South 1st Street ~ Austin, Texas ~ 78704 | | (512) 440-0712