Becky Joiner
Becky Joiner has always loved doing anything creative & crafty. Albeit a little all over the place, she's constantly discovering new facets in her love of sewing, knitting, crochet, art, and anything d.i.y. She has a BFA in Illustration and never has idle hands. She is also a regular contributor to Kids Crafts 1-2-3 Magazine.
Carol Cunningham

Jack of all trades, master of none — Carol Cunningham spends every second of her free time (and some not-so-free) knitting, crocheting, sewing, glueing, binding, printing (and super fake, choreographed dancing).

Carol keeps the home fires burning at Stitch Lab as Leslie’s Studio Assistant!

Channy Hiersche
Channy Hiersche earned a Fashion Design degree in Los Angeles. She has many years of experience in various aspects of the apparel industry: design, pattern making, fitting, garment construction, technical communication and training, as well, as the creation of custom wedding dresses. Channy will be teaching certain beginner and garment-related classes at Stitch Lab, and she's also available for Private Lessons!
Dani Anderson
Dani Anderson earned her professional degree in sewing in Denver, then returned to her Texas roots, where you can find her daydreaming, finding inspiration and consorting with all things creative. Dani now shares her many talents as part of the Stitch Lab Gang!
Emily Krug

Emily Krug moved to Austin, after graduating from Bennington College in 2011, with a focus in Costume Design. As she's working to carve out her life here, she enjoys being as crafty as possible. Emily has recently discovered a love of hand sewing. Her favorite things to make remain clothing, however, preferably with cats on them. She loves being able to touch beautiful fabric all day, and is always inspired by the students and instructors at Stitch Lab.

Hayley Sayles

Hayley Sayles Pannone is a crafty momma who loves to teach adults and children all the joys of sewing. She teaches beginning sewing, quilting, kids camps and many other fun classes at Stitch Lab. Hayley services sewing machines and refurbishes vintage machines (machines for sale can be viewed at as well. When not hanging out Stitch Lab, Hayley loves to spend time painting, crocheting, cooking, gardening and raising her sweet daughter.

Heather Grant
Heather Grant has played an important role in the modern quilting scene as founder of a quilting bee that eventually grew into the Austin Modern Quilt Guild when it joined the national Modern Quilt Guild. Heather is the Director of Marketing & Programming for the Modern Quilt Guild and QuiltCon, the first of which was this past February. Heather will be teaching many of our advanced quilting classes. We are very lucky to have her join our team of superstar instructors at Stitch Lab!
Kat McTee
A multicolored crazy quilt made by her great-grandmother inspired Kathleen McTee to begin studying surface design. “Discovering and studying textile art has changed my life for the better, so helping others find their way -- even (especially) when they think they “aren’t creative” -- is deeply gratifying.” She has taught at the Austin Museum of Art School, Dougherty Art Center and Studio 1408, and now is happily at home as part of the Stitch Lab faculty. When not creating her own dyed, printed, obsessively-stitched artwork, she is carving stamps, taking photographs, experimenting with color -- and dreaming up new creative adventures for her students!
Laura Del Villaggio
Hat connoisseur and vintage clothing addict, Laura Del Villaggio earned both an MA in Museum Studies and a Certificate in Millinery from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She is a woman of many hats: milliner, costume designer, historic clothing conservator and consultant, and finally, after years of turning down requests, millinery instructor extraordinaire.
Liz McCabe

From an early age, Liz McCabe was encouraged to find her own voice in art, music, fashion and sewing. In the role of teacher, she enjoys sharing her passion for creativity and expression with children of all ages. For Liz, being a part of the fun and inspirational environment at Stitch Lab is a dream come true! Liz holds a MA in Humanities & Leadership from New College of California and studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Niku Arbabi
Niku Arbabi has worked at Stitch Lab in a retail and creative capacity since Spring of 2010, helping students & stitchers figure out yardage, find the right class & thoughtfully weighing in on color combos for projects. Niku's been wild about stitching, crafting, and sewing for as long as she can remember. She loves any chance to share projects, techniques, and ideas with fellow makers through needlework classes, Stitch Lounges, and as a shop gal at the Lab!
Sarah Aldridge

Sarah Aldridge has a B.F.A. in Costume Design from Boston University. She's been sewing for over twenty years, and loves it! Before moving to Austin, she spent time in New York City, working in a costume shop and doing wardrobe on Broadway. Sarah is super excited to be joining the Stitch Lab team!

Tina Sparkles
Tina Sparkles is a creative activist, pro-am fashion designer and freelance fashion sewing teacher. She stopped buying new clothes in 2005 because she wanted to stop contributing to the cycle of mass production and its effects on people and the environment; so instead she makes a lot of her own clothes, refashions vintage & thrift finds and scores big time at clothes swaps. She is also th e author of a fantastic little book called Little Green Dresses; its all about taking DIY fashion to the max with a special focus on refashioning fresh new items from already existing materials.
Vanessa Villalva

Too many hats and too many needles always keep Stitch Lab Gal, Vanessa Villalva, busy. Sewing has also enabled her to keep homeless pets warm and tagged all over! Vanessa loves helping Stitch Lab customers find that perfect fabric for the perfect projects!


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